Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anime Review - Beelzebub

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are fine and well.Also,I wish you guys having a great day. I'm fine but I'm having a stomach ache at the moment^^" My day is fine,it was sunny this afternoon and later in the evening it start raining^^ So,I've been thinking what anime to make a review on and I decided to review this anime.I will probably make a review of Shingeki No Kyojin either later today or tomorrow.^^"

Today's anime review is, Beelzebub! Beelzebub is about a delinquent high school boy who has to take care the demon king's son.And he has to taught him to become stronger and take over the world. The main character's name is Oga Tatsumi, who also known as the strongest in Ishiyama High.He becomes the parent of Beelzebub or Berubo is what he called the demon king's son. Berubo would always be on Oga's shoulder and help him fight stronger demons and delinquents.

However, Oga doesn't want to be Berubo's parent so, he keeps looking for someone who is stronger than him and ask them to take care of Berubo. But in the end he would just beat them up and forgot to let them take care of Berubo. I like the anime because I like high school life animes because I just like them. I don't know why actually^^" One of my favorite episode is when Oga's friends making their avatars for playing a game online.

They would make weird avatars and Kanzaki made his avatar into a yogurt milk! XD I was seriously laughed very hard at that moment. I also like the characters personalities and how they would react when Oga fights with a naked baby on his shoulder.The anime has only 60 episodes.Go try and watch it because there will be a lot of fighting and comedy.I think the manga is still ongoing, I'm not too sure because I haven't red the manga yet.

Well anyways, that is it for this anime review. I hope you guys liked it and interested on watching it.I'll see you guys later and have a great day!^^//